Anywhere a name, brand, logo, or corporate identity needs to be communicated, advertising pillars can be found. Companies on industrial terrains, sports grounds, and hotels are a few examples of places where advertising pillars are often placed. In the world of visual communication, or Signing-industry, the pillars are also called ‘Signs’.

Innovative advertising pillars

As a producer and wholesaler of aluminium systems, Comhan has been offering an elaborate assortment of pylon systems throughout Europe for years. The assortment contains advertising pillars in the oval shape that has proven to be very successful. Furthermore, Comhan has developed a modern, state of the art pylon system to expand the attractive assortment even further. The Pylon 80-ST system has a perpendicular completion instead of an oval shape and can be employed illuminated, as well as unilluminated.

80-ST pylon profile combined with aluminium composite panels

The innovative advertising pillars of Comhan can be equipped with face plates composed of aluminium composite panels, or in other words aluminium sandwich panels. The composite panels can be provided with milled out logos or texts. Together with other profiles and parts, the 80-ST pylon profile can be built into a firm and stable framework. Subsequently, the sandwich panels are bonded to the framework. Around the panels, a small space is being kept open for when the panels expand or shrink.

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80-ST pylon systems

Illuminated sign pylon systems

The innovative advertising pillars of Comhan can be very well used as illuminated signs. By placing LED lighting inside the pillar, the milled out logo or text in the aluminium composite panels becomes very well visible. This provides the advertising pillars with a modern look and feel and makes sure that the company logo stands out. The pylon frame of the illuminated signs systems are built upon an accessory steel base. It is also possible to place the advertising pillars on a concrete foundation with accessory stainless steel foundation shafts.

Advertising pillars of Comhan

The Pylon 80-ST profiles of Comhan are being supplied at standard lengths of 6.1 meters to Signing companies at home and abroad. The Signing companies make the profiles into end products, namely the actual advertising pillars. The profiles can also be made to measure, anodised or varnished in the right colour, if necessary. Comhan supplies pylon systems with mill finish surface, natural anodised finishing, or with a RAL/textured powder coating. On request, sublimation coating can be used to give the systems a grained wooden look. The panels are being bonded with very high bonding (VHB) foam tape, that is especially developed for the purpose of keeping the panels together when they are cured.

“A business without a sign, is a sign of no business!”

In other words, every company needs an advertising pillar, or better said a Signing system. Hence, choose the innovative Coman Signing systems. Are you interested in a system that can make your company logo stand out? Request information about Comhan’s pylon systems without obligation or contact one of our specialists.

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