In architecture, the façade of a building is often the most important aspect from a design standpoint, as it sets the tone for the rest of the building. One could say that the facade of a building more or less determines its face. In other words, facade cladding determines the appeal and image of a building and should therefore look nice and be of the highest quality. For many years, Comhan has been supplying aluminium profiles, panels, and systems to the national and international facade construction companies. Comhan knows, therefore, perfectly well what requirements must be met when it comes to aluminium cladding.

Aluminium facade cladding is especially used in commercial and industrial buildings. For that purpose, Comhan offers a broad and deep assortment of aluminium standard profiles, profiles for solar shading systemsaluminium window sills, and sheets. These can be used in the preparation and manufacturing of external cladding, such as facade cassettes, facade elements, fascia boards, and wall covering profiles.

External cladding systems of aluminium

An facade cladding system is composed of a construction with an integrated suspension system on which facade cassettes can be fixed. These facade cassettes are created by adjusting aluminium panels. The panels are cut to measure, placed, punched, welded, and provided with the correct surface treatment.

Consequently, the facade cassettes are attached to a stone or concrete building, often in combination with glass elements. Adjustable anchor plates are used in this process. Comhan can supply all materials that are being used in aluminium cladding systems out of stock. Think of aluminium LED profiles, standard profiles, trimming profiles, window sill systems, and more.

Facade panels of aluminium

Aluminium has the great advantage of being light-weighted and the material assures a nice appeal. That is why Comhan, next to external cladding systems, also supplies aluminium facade panels in differing facade construction qualities, such as 5005, 5005A, 55HX, JS57S-UP, or prepainted panels.

Are you looking for facade panels with special characteristics? Such as dirt repellent or self-cleaning panels, or panels with chameleon color effects? Aluminium composite panels, or sandwich panels, in attractive PVDF or polyester coatings and nano coating provide the solution. Because of the light weight and large formability, aluminium sandwich panels are increasingly often used for external cladding purposes. These facade panels can be supplied out of stock in normal or in fire-resistant quality.

Banner tension systems in facade construction

Comhan is not only an active player in construction and general industry, but also supplies specialised systems to the world of visual communication. The use of communication on facades is an increasing trend. That is why the banner tension systems of Comhan are increasingly being used on facades all over the world. As it happens, the tension systems make it possible to display such large banners that entire facades can be covered and the systems serve as facade cladding.

‘Misplaced’ architecture can be easily revitalised by using Comhan’s systems. Think, for instance, of an outdated office building or an ugly parking garage. In a short amount of time, these buildings can be provided with a modern, eye-catching look. On request, the systems can even be provided with energy efficient and sustainable LED lighting. Are you looking for a new look for your external cladding? In that case, not more than the printable textile needs to be changed.

Comhan as a partner for your facade cladding

Over the past 70 years, Comhan has presented itself as an indispensable, collaborative, and reliable partner for aluminium. We value quality and delivery reliability very highly. On request, Comhan can carry out almost all existing 3D panel and profile adjustments in house. Because of its specialisation in external cladding, Comhan is employed as project partner by many renowned facade construction companies.

Are you looking for aluminium external cladding systems or facade panels that have a nice appeal and are of the highest quality? Request information without obligation or contact one of our specialists. Turn Comhan into your partner for facade cladding!

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