Visual communication often has to do with “selling a message” and does not make you think of signage systems right away. Communicating visually is, however, a comprehensive concept that also pertains to “guiding the way”. Signage systems are used anywhere individuals, groups of people, of traffic try to find their way.

Signage systems are often used in, on, or around sports accommodations, stations, shopping malls, hospitals, industrial or commercial areas, holiday resorts, events and at many more places where it is necessary to guide the way.

Signage systems of Comhan

Signage systems are available in many different appearances. Comhan offers a series of more or less ‘standardised’ signage profiles that can be used to make gantry signs or pole signs. Comhan offers the following profile systems:

These systems are all being used in combination with sign panels in the standard heights of 100, 150, and 200 mm.

Gantry sign systems

Regarding gantry sign systems, this often concerns 2 (vertically anchored in the ground) aluminium poles or posts with the possibility to mount printed, stickered or lettered boards between them. The vertical poles of this particular signage system are composed of a post and a cover profile. The profile hinges to the post in order to make it possible to open and close the structure.

The mounting of the boards is very easy. When in an open position, the boards can easily be screwed into profile details that were especially extruded for this particular purpose. Subsequently, the vertical posts are being locked and closed off with screwable aluminium endcaps. Because of that, the screwable cover profiles are immediately fixed. It is not possible to open the post anymore and the boards of the signage system remain firmly in position.

Pole sign systems

Pole signage systems are very different from gantry signs. While gantry signs hold the board between 2 poles, pole signage systems are composed of 1 pole with the possibility to attach multiple boards. The Pervia system contains a so-called stackable “ring system”. The sign panels are mounted onto clamping mounting parts after which these parts are attached to the pole between special rings.

This signage system provides the possibility to make signposts with 4, 6, or even 8 directions. By turning the rings, the singpost can be adjusted to point in exactly the right direction.

Systems with various finishes

The signage systems of Comhan are supplied at standard lengths of 6.100 mm. They can be supplied mill finished, in project colours, or with an anodised or Ral 9010 painted surface treatment. Is the product meant to blend into the surroundings, so to speak? The signage systems of Comhan can also be supplied with a powdercoat finishing with a nice wood pattern.

Depending on the wish of the client, the systems can be made to measure into semi-complete kits that are easy to assemble with accessory base plates or foundation tubes.

Even more signage systems of Comhan

Next to the standard signage systems, Comhan has many other (semi-finished) profile systems in its product range that signage- or advertising companies can also use as signage systems. Lit as well as unlit, for indoor or outdoor use, single-sided as well as double-sided. A few examples of non-traditional signage systems:

  • Lightboxes: signposts in, for example, airports (Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and many others);
  • Pylon signs or advertigins pillars: pillars near companies to denote the entrance;
  • C-Frame magnet frames: in hospitals, or in stadiums (lit or unlit);
  • Poster frames: for the purpose of marking escape routes in buildings;
  • Edgelight systems: escape routes in parking garages;
  • Windbreak panels such as Terrace® 50: so-called distance plates and signposts at, for instance, golf courses;
  • Aluminium composite sandwich panels as signage boards on sports parks;
  • Banner and textile systems that can be used as signage systems.

Are you interested in one of the many possibilities that Comhan offers in order to guide people the way? Request information without obligation about the aluminium signage systems or contact one of our specialists.

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