Aluminium lightbox profiles are available in various forms and are used to make illuminated advertising signs. In principle, a lightbox is nothing more or less of a box or frame that has LED lighting installed to illuminate a printed, impressed, or foil wrapped plastic advertising panel. Over 30 years, Comhan has been carrying its in-house developed lightbox profiles for indoor and outdoor use on the national and international market.

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Application of indoor and outdoor lightboxes

There is a difference in lightboxes that can be used indoors and outdoors. Lightboxes that are only used indoors use advertising panels that are merely slided in the backside, without being attached. The panels for lightboxes for outdoor use, however, make use of a so-called “hanging attachment”. This means that the back of the advertising panels are equipped with a small acrylic plastic strip.

Single-walled and double-walled profiles

There are various sorts of profiles available: single- or double-sided, single-walled or double- walled, and with sharp or rounded off corners. Which sort is the best choice depends on the desired application and ease of use. It usually costs slightly more time to produce single- walled profiles than double-walled profiles. Furthermore, double-walled profiles are stronger and easier to saw and assemble. The chance of light bleed is less present with the use of double walled profiles than with single walled lightbox profile systems.

Single-sided or double-sided profiles

Whether it is interesting to choose single-sided or double-sided profiles is dependent on where you place them. Single-sided lightboxes are mounted to the wall and illuminate the advertising panel from the back. Matt white aluminium composite panels are often used as a rear wall. This matt finish is of importance (also on the inside of the profiles) to guarantee an optimal illumination and to make sure that less LEDs need to be used.

Double-sided profiles display an advertising panel on 2 sides that is also illuminated from both sides. In order to be able to correctly hang the double-sided lightbox profiles, Comhan has developed an assortment of aluminium suspension profiles and casted aluminium wall brackets.

Lightboxes for indoor and outdoor use of Comhan

Comhan lightboxes can be changed single sided or double sided. That means that the illuminated advertising signs can be opened on 1 or 2 sides to provide service to the LED lighting. The boxes have retaining profiles bars that can easily be unscrewed. Afterwards, the advertising panel can be slided out and, if necessary, exchanged with another advertising message.

Depending on the desired size and the chosen LED light sources, various profile depths can be chosen, varying between 100 and 200 mm, in one-sided or double-sided version. The profile systems are being supplied at a standard length of 6.100 mm and, per request, cut-to-size as easy-to-assemble semi finished product. Next to that, Comhan provides the option to supply LED light sources, if necessary preassembled on the profiles. Especially for large project, this is a very convenient option! The lightboxes for indoor and outdoor use can be supplied and delivered in various surface finishes: mill finish, anodised, or powder coated in colour.

Are you looking for indoor or outdoor aluminium lightbox profiles? Request information without obligation or contact one of the specialists of Comhan.

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