Our customers already know that our T-Flex fabric frames are ideal for beautifully stretch printed fabrics. But, did you also know that these systems have a hidden potential to be applied in the world of acoustics?

Discover the unprecedented possibilities of T-Flex and from now on let rooms not only stand out visually, but also impress with improved acoustics. Read on for more information!

(Photos: www.rivasono.nl)


The basis for acoustic material

T-Flex fabric frames are increasingly used as a basis for sound-absorbing materials or acoustic panels. By placing the acoustic material behind or between the fabrics, tension frames can be effortlessly transformed into acoustic frames.

It is a simple and effective approach to make the space visually attractive and acoustically comfortable.

Bezoekersinformatie Museum Gouda Bezoekersinformatie Museum Gouda
Photos: Visitor information on 20 meters of acoustic wall in a museum.

Endless applications

The T-Flex fabric frames have been used for years in various public spaces, shops, meeting rooms, showrooms and at trade fairs. By adding acoustic material, it is possible to apply these frames even more widely.

Think of an exhibition space with vibrant prints that simultaneously offers an oasis of calm amidst the bustling noise of the crowd.

Or a shopping environment that is visually attractive and at the same time offers the public a pleasant and peaceful shopping experience.

Klooster met wandpanelen Klooster met wandpanelen
Photos: Monastery with acoustic wall panels with old photos.

Why T-Flex for acoustic applications?

  • Various depth sizes available from stock for acoustic materials in different thicknesses.
  • Acoustic materials can be added effortlessly and invisibly behind or between the printed fabrics.
  • Various surface treatments are possible. Think of silver-coloured anodised, colour powder coated (high-gloss, matt or structured) or sublimated in wood, stone or metal look.
  • We value sustainability, both in design and in practice. That is why our aluminium systems are easy to assemble and disassemble. This way they can be easily recycled.

Kapel als collegezaal Kapel als collegezaal
Photos: Acoustic wall panels in chapel for colleges.

Have you become curious about the possibilities?

Our team is ready to assist you in exploring the acoustic possibilities of our T-Flex systems.

Custom made for your project

Every project is unique and we understand that. That is why we offer tailor-made solutions, so that our systems perfectly match the specific requirements of your project.

We cut the profiles to size upon request. We are also happy to help with the production of your own unique profile. Please feel free to contact us for more information or to schedule a personal consultation.

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