Well functioning solar shading systems are essential assets for buildings. During the summer, they contribute to cooling down a building, while during the dark winter months, solar shading systems need to let through enough light. Solar shading parts are often made of aluminium, both standard profiles and standard sheets, but also special sheets and profile systems.

As a stockholding and producing wholesaler, Comhan has proven to be a reliable and diverse supplier to the solar shading industry for decades. We know as no other that the materials need to be of excellent quality since projects often concern materials that are in sight. Next to that, the materials of Comhan are distinctive, functional, easy to use and easily applicable.

Solar shading systems of aluminium

Solar shading systems in the form of louvers (whether adjustable or not) in various widths and colors determine the appearance of a building. Aluminium solar shading systems provide buildings with a contemporary and modern appearance. Whether it concerns a commercial building, condominium, or a residential building: solar shading systems need to be attractive, sustainable, and functional.

In the world of non-residential construction where facades are often composed of aluminium elements combined with glass, solar shading systems of Comhan are often being used. Comhan supplies solar shading parts, such as louvers, in various sizes, including endcaps, assembly sleeves, or adjustable suspension or mounting hooks.

Finishing of the systems

For the finishing of the solar shading systems, Comhan supplies a broad and deep assortment out of stock. Think of standard profiles, finishing profiles, auxiliary profiles, window sills and sheets. Furthermore, a number of windbreak panel systems are offered in lengths of 6.100 mm, with a mill finished, anodised, or painted surface. Solar shading companies process these systems to ready-made windbreak systems.

Both for small and large projects, Comhan can perform almost all existing 3D panel and profile adjustments for solar shading systems in-house.

Tension technique in solar shading systems

The innovative banner tension systems of Comhan are increasingly more often being used to create shiftable blackout panels. This is also considered a form of solar shading. The mesh-like textile that is being used in these kinds of panels can also be printed in order to provide the building with a customized appearance. Are you tired of a certain look? The only solar shading part that needs to be changed is the textile!

Are you interested in one of the many solar shading solutions that Comhan has to offer? Request information without obligation about our solar shading systems or contact one of our specialists.

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