Do you need a special aluminium profile or part for a specific application? And as yet there is no solution in our standard product range?

Comhan is also specialized in customer-specific aluminium extrusion profiles!

Aluminium extrusion: from beginning to end

Comhan wants to support you in the design of your new profile, system, part or a composition thereof. To that end, we have our own design/engineering department and as such are able to support you further.

In addition we can keep your profile in stock and deliver just in time so that you always have access to your processed or non-processed profile(s). 

Aluminium profiles to size

Why opt for a customized profile or system at Comhan?

Comhan can offer you:

  • technical knowledge to create an optimized aluminium profile tailored to your needs;
  • worldwide contacts with the right manufacturers for the production of your aluminium profile;
  • from stock so always delivered just in time. Where required, with the correct surface treatment.
  • virtually all 3D (CNC) sheet and profile processing operations under one roof, including bending or rolling of both profile and sheet.

Design aluminium extrusion profile

Thanks to the technical knowledge and 70 years of experience Comhan can support you in the design of your specific aluminium profile. We can advise you on the feasibility and any optimization of the profile, thus avoiding any unnecessary costs.

We support you throughout the entire process, from the design through to the production and processing of your profiles.

Where to extrude? Choosing the right producer

To avoid any disappointment it is important to choose the right manufacturer for the production of an aluminium extrusion profile. Thanks to our extensive experience in aluminium, we can select the right producer for your profile.

Furthermore, as a wholesale customer we offer excellent conditions for the extrusion of a customer-specific aluminium profile. This due to larger contracts with different manufacturers.

Just in thime delivery

Depending on the shape and your requirements, your aluminium profile will be produced in large quantities. But where do you keep it? Comhan can also help with that! We will keep the specific profile in stock for you and deliver the required quantity on demand just in time: exactly when you need it anywhere in Europe or even worldwide.

Aluminium made to measure

Would you like to receive aluminium made to measure? On request, Comhan performs virtually all 3D (CNC) plate and profile operations in-house (profile up to 6000 mm and plate up to 4200 mm). Everything according to your specifications and design. Ideal if time is lacking or you simply don't have the processing options in-house. We supply the material in the right surface treatment according to your requirements: mill finish (unprocessed), powder coated or anodised.

We can perform the following aluminium profile operations for you:

  • Sawing, milling, CNC turning and rolling
  • Welding: TIG, MIG and stud welding
  • Deburring/barelling parts
  • Surface treatment

Do you need aluminium profiles made to measure, but can't see the required processing technique listed? Our processing department also provides virtually all other processing operations upon request.

Let’s work together to come up with the best solutions in aluminium extrusion!