The Comhan Aluminium Service Center stands for: made to measure aluminium & stainless steel. It's all possible at Comhan Holland. Virtually all 3D (CNC) plate and profile operations are carried out in-house. Everything according to your specifications and design.

Ideal if time is lacking or you simply don't have the editing options in-house. We supply the material in the right surface treatment according to your requirements: mill finish (untreated), powder coated/varnished or anodised.

Aluminium Service Center: aluminium and Stainless Steel sheet processing

Custom made folded sheet metal is just one of many sheet processing operations that the specialists at our Aluminium Service Center can perform for you: See options at a glance below.

We can perform the following aluminium sheet processing operations for you:

  • Punching, cutting, folding, CNC milling, CNC bending, drilling and tapping.
  • Welding: TIG, MIG and stud welding, laser or water jet cutting.
  • Forcing and perforating.
  • Surface treatment: anodising, painting or powder coating.
  • Application of protective foil.

Can't see the required operation listed? Our Aluminium Service Center also provides almost all other operations on request. Contact Comhan and request the available options.

Aluminium profiles to size

As well as made to measure aluminium sheets, we also supply customised aluminium profiles. See options at a glance below. 

We can perform the following aluminium profile processing operations for you:

  • Sawing: straight, mitre and special saw work
  • CNC turning and milling
  • CNC bending
  • 3D profile machining up to 6 metres (milling, drilling and tapping)
  • Welding: TIG, MIG and stud welding
  • Deburring/barelling parts
  • Surface treatment

Do you need aluminium profiles made to measure, but can't see the required processing technique listed? Here too: Our Aluminium Service Center will provide almost all other operations on request.


Do you require a special aluminum profile or part for a specific application? Comhan Holland is also specialized in customer-specific aluminium extrusion profiles! We will be more than happy to think along with you in working out a design!

We support you throughout the entire process: from the design through to the production and processing of your profiles.

Surface treatments

Machined sheets and profiles can, if required, also be provided with a surface treatment. Choose from powder coating, wet coating, baking or anodising.

Aluminium made to measure: custom metal looks for the right solution

Do you want to have aluminium made to measure, but have not yet found the right solution? Contact Comhan and ask for advice from our Comhan custom metal specialists.

Based on their years of knowledge and experience in aluminium machining, they can provide you with expert advice. Advice about alloys, wall thicknesses, joining techniques and methods of machining and welding.

Large projects are not a problem for Comhan either. Thanks to our substantial purchasing volume and extensive partner network, we have excellent opportunities for outsourcing large series work in more economic regions. Of course quality is always paramount. See also our Volvo Ocean Race project in 2017.

Let us think with you and offer the best solutions in custom aluminium!

Comhan Aluminium Service Center, the right choice for made to measure metal.