Tube connecting systems

Comhan offers 2 types of tube connection systems that make it possible to connect aluminium tubes. These systems are, among others, being used for banner tension systems, fences, banner support systems and many other constructions. Comhan offers the Connecta® and SquareFix® systems.

Connecta® system

The Connecta® system is composed of an aluminium pipe (45 x 40 mm) in which 35 different, aluminium parts can be mounted. S-hooks, span elastics, and Stormfix rubbers complete the assortment. With these accessories, banners can quickly and easily be stretched and changed.

SquareFix® system

The rectangular and anodised tube connector assortment of SquareFix® contains six aluminium pipes (25 mm) provided with different flanges. Black plastic parts can be beaten into the system. By using glue or a rivet, the plastic parts are attached to the tube connectors.