Download the brochure below with all possible sublimation finishes: wood look, stone look and metal look.


The sublimation process of aluminum begins with the pre-treatment of the profile. The profile is then pre-painted with a powder coating, giving it a protective and decorative layer. In the second phase, the profile is covered with a sublimation transfer, previously printed with the decorative effect chosen by the customer.

To allow the decoration to be transferred to the profile itself, the latter is placed in an oven at a high temperature: thanks to a combination of heat and pressure, the pigment molecules are dispersed in the form of gas, passing through the pre-printed film support to the paint layer of the profile, definitively transferring to the aluminum.

The last phase is dedicated to the removal of the film and to all the necessary checks to ensure that the decoration has penetrated into the paint on the profile, always guaranteeing high quality.

Aluminium profiles in wood grain effect from stock

Comhan can supply aluminium profiles in various wood-effect sublimation finishes. These profiles are now available from stock in wood grain effect. 

Start combining the benefits of aluminium with the appearance of wood!


Brochure Sublimation Colours (1.33 MB)