A windbreak panel or terrace screen makes sure that people on a terrace can comfortably enjoy the sun while being sheltered from the wind. The screens are placed around a terrace to keep the wind away from its visitors. Therefore, terrace screens are also called windbreak panels.

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Terrace® 50 systems   Terrace® 75 systems

Terrace screens in the hospitality business

Terrace screens are often used as shielding in urban areas. The screens are most often being used in the hospitality business, think of bars, hotels, and restaurants. The panels can at the same time be used to display advertisements. Large breweries or soft drink brands often have panels made that display their brand name. The panels are being placed at catering and hospitality facilities in order to advertise the brand and to boost the sales of the drinks.

Construction of windbreak panels

Windbreak panels are composed of aluminium extrusion profiles in combination with glass, Trespa, Forex, or aluminium composite panels into a kit that is easy to assemble. By means of “blind” attachments, the profiles are assembled and can be connected to one another. The glass panel will be locked up in a rubber profile. The panels are often attached to a steel foundation base that is put into a concrete foundation block so that the windbreak panels are also secured when there are strong winds.

Terrace screens can also be attached to walls by using collets or they can be placed on wheels. The latter is especially practical when the terrace needs to be cleared for the winter or when it needs to be cleaned. Will the terrace stay outside during the winter? The screen can also can stay outside without a problem. The panels are constructed in such a firm manner that they can stay outside throughout the year.

Aluminium windbreak systems of Comhan

As a producer and wholesaler of aluminium systems, Comhan has two different aluminium windbreak systems in the assortment. Terrace® 50 and Terrace® 75 are both systems that can be constructed into quality terrace screens in various shapes and with a different look and feel. Since the systems are modular, windbreak panels can be placed around any terrace, regardless of its size and shape. With a thickness of 50mm, Terrace® 50 is a slightly thinner system than Terrace® 75, with a thickness of 75mm. The windbreak panels of Comhan satisfy European regulations.

The terrace profiles are supplied at trading lengths of 6100mm. In order to easily assemble the parts, an accessory instruction manual will be supplied. Both the Terrace® 50 and Terrace® 75 can be provided custom-made. The systems can be supplied in an unprocessed (raw) execution, with a clear, anodised finishing, and with a RAL powder, or structural coating.

Do you want to give your terrace the “finishing touch” by placing a terrace screen? Request information about the windbreak panel systems of Comhan without obligation of contact one of our specialists.

Directly view:

Terrace® 50 systems   Terrace® 75 systems