C-Frame® magnetic frames are interchangeable frames that can be used to communicate advertising messages in an attractive manner. By making use of magnets, printed panels or posters can be presented. C-Frame® magnetic frames are therefore also called poster frames or poster displays.

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Application of magnetic frames

C-Frame® magnetic frame profiles of Comhan can be used to communicate advertising messages in an easy manner. The frames do not only serve the purpose of presentation tool but can also serve as indoor signage systems. The print can easily and quickly be exchanged, without having to open the profiles. The only tool that is needed is a suction cup.

Because of their user friendliness, C-Frames® are frequently and successfully being applied in the world of photoprint. In comparison to the more classic poster frames that make use of hinges, the C-Frame® program is a nice, frameless system.

C-Frame® profiles

A magnetic frame is composed of an aluminium profile, in which printed panels of varying thicknesses can be placed, using (hidden) magnets and steel strips. The printed panels are sandwich panels and can be composed of foam- or cardboard.

By taking them out with a suction cap, panels with a thickness of less than 3 mm can easily be exchanged for a new panel. In order to make the change possible, the rear of the panel material will be provided with a thin steel strip that attaches to the magnets that are mounted in the frame. Is there no need for exchanging the panel because it is permanent? In that case it is possible to permanently bond the panel to the frame with double sided tape.

Profiles of Comhan

The C-Frame® magnetic frames of Comhan are supplied at a standard length of 6.100 mm. Next to that, they can be cut-to-size in standard DIN sizes (A5, A4, A3, A2, A1, A0, B1, B2). Of course, other sizes are also possible.

The mitred profiles are assembled into a window by using 4 steel corner pieces. The back of the window will be equipped with Heavy Duty magnets. The back of the printed material will be equipped with a thin self-adhesive steel strip. When the panel is put in place, the steel strip attaches itself to the magnets in the window.

Frames in various versions

C-Frame® is available in natural or black anodised version. The magnetic frames can be supplied in profile depths of 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 mm. Double sided frames can be supplied in profile depths of 30 and 60 mm.

The frames can be supplied together with LED lighting. For the illuminated version, the printed panel is replaced by an acrylic or polycarbonate panel that is covered in foil. Especially compared to other products in the world of (LED) signage, this is a very nice and slim product.

Are you looking for an attractive way to communicate an advertising message or help people find their way to your business? Contact one of our specialists and request information without obligation about our C-Frame® magnetic frames!

Directly view:

All C-Frame® profiles