When the company started growing and needed more space, the office was relocated to the Singel and the warehouse to the Lijnbaansgracht. A large, vacant, former coffee and tobacco warehouse allowed the company to grow organically for years thereafter. Whenever more space was required, an adjacent section of the warehouse could be co-opted. Eventually the office was also moved to this location.

Two radical changes were implemented in Amsterdam during this period. The first was that the company was gradually converted into a wholesale business with its own stock focusing solely on aluminium and stainless steel. The second change was the establishment of a production department. The wholesaler's customers could turn to this department for their outsourcing needs. We called this our MaatMetaal (‘Customised Metal’) department. Far from being a threat for customers, it was a benefit for them.

Both changes were successful. Due to this success, goods movement activity increased continuously and the company became too large to remain in Amsterdam. The opportunity to move locations arose in 1976 in Uithoorn, where the company took up residence in newly constructed industrial buildings. In subsequent years, Comhan continued to grow until the company decided at the end of the 1980s to purchase land on which to build its own commercial building.

It was a beautiful new building that easily accommodated both the wholesale business as well as MaatMetaal. The company had grown to about 50 employees by that time.

Here it was possible to optimally serve three customer groups - the construction, industrial and visual communication sectors - with an extensive programme of aluminium plates and profiles from stock or in the form of customised solutions.

Since 2012 Comhan Holland also has a branch in the German city of Hagen (NRW), from where it serves the German market. The warehouse in Hagen was expanded in 2016, which doubled the facility's storage capacity.

And although the location on the Johan Enschedeweg in Uithoorn has remained the same, the necessary expansions have taken place there in the meantime as well. You are more than welcome to come and visit our Uithoorn or Hagen locations; it's worth it.