ACP 0.2 Brush/9006

ACP 0.2 Brush/9006

Almaxco® ACP: the dimension in aluminium composite

ACP applications are almost limitless. This incredibly strong sandwich sheet of aluminium and polyethylene is available from 600 m² and in a wide variety of colours. The material is sustainable, thin gauged, lightweight and can be processed in any number of ways.

The same ultra-flexibility also applies to digital printing applications. The special polyester XT coating is particularly durable and even, presenting an excellent support for print absorption and adhesion for digital printing. Tooling: milling, drilling, rolling, bending, luing, printing, pasting, cutting and hot air welding. Even very complex designs can be realized with CNC milling.


- Building systems: roof & facade application, buoy parts, wall covers & roof edges, facade cassettes & column cladding.

- Industrial systems: machine cover, sunshade, body works support.

- Visual communication: sign & display, corporate identity projects shops, exhibition stands, wall & ceiling decoration, gasstations & lightboxez.


- ACP Polyethylene core laminated with aluminium covers.

- Thickness covers: 0,2/0,3 of 0,5 mm ±0,02 mm).

- Alumjnium alloy: 1050 or 3105, featherlight, inexpensive and fully recycable.

Available dimensions:

- Width: 1000, 1250, 1500 mm (tol. -0/+2.0mm)

- Length: 2050, 2500, 3050, 4050 (tol. -0/+2.0mm)

- Thick: 2.0 mm tot 4.0 mm (tol. ±0.02 mm)

- Weight ACP-PE: 2.0 mm 2,51 kg/m²

- Weight ACP-PE: 3.0 mm 4,65 kg/m²

- Weight ACP-PE: 4.0 mm 5,50 kg/m²

- Weight ACP-FR (fire retardant): 4.0 mm 7,0 kg/m²

- From 600 m² up different sizes possible.

- Length: max. recommended 5000 mm

Finishing and mounting profiles are available from stock. Comhan is happy to assist you in tailoring or milling of the ACP sheets.


Article No. Description Unit
2500x1250x3.0 ACP 0.20 Back-panel Brush/9006
3050x1500x3.0 ACP 0.20 Back-panel Brush/9006
4050x1500x3.0 ACP 0.20 Back-panel Brush/9006