Wall Coping Bracket

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Wall Coping Bracket

Set from aluminium sheet in every required model. The application of our wall coping profiles makes it possible to: Take the specific requirements of every construction into account. Adapt the sizes A, B and C to your wishes in relation to the design. Produce practically every conceivable model.

The COMHAN-ALUMINIUM wall coping systems are manufactured according to DIN 1055 page 4 and DIN 4133. The given distances of the bracket arrangement depend on the construction height and B-size, so nothing is left to chance. The space of the brackets - up to 1500 mm - ensures for a speedy mounting in a cost-saving manner.Two bracket arrangement systems for various requirements in relation to price, details and mounting. The most important part of a good wall coping system is formed by the bracket arrangement, which in this system also functions as a dilation connection. Attach the holders with stainless steel screws 5 x 45 mm using plugs. Starting from the corners, mount and align the tingles, after which the wall copings can be mounted. Always leave a dilation space of 6-8 mm. Roof edge profiles are available in various versions and sizes at the trade length of 2.5 metres.


Article No. Description Unit
Alu Wall Coping Bracket type 1B New F17 L 4000 mm
Alu Klangenprofiel type 1B Nieuw F17 L 4000 mm
Alu Wall Coping Bracket type 2B New F18 L 4000 mm
Alu Klangenprofiel type 2B Nieuw F18 L 6000 mm
EPDM rubber 9x6 mm for bracket
EPDM rubber 9x6 mm tbv klang (rol = 150 mtr)