Innovation and diversity are important in interior construction and design. Aluminium profiles and systems are indispensable in this respect. Aluminium offers great design freedom and the possibility to create a stylish look.

For interior builders, Comhan introduces an innovative aluminium click system that can be used in a wide variety of interior projects: Varia-Click!

We present a product series consisting of several base and top profiles for creating contemporary decorative wall covering in no time.

Discover the possibilities and advantages of Varia-Click in this article.

Why Varia-Click wall cladding for interior construction?

Varia-Click is developed specially for decorative wall cladding for both indoor and outdoor use. It allows you to easily click aluminium profiles onto interior walls, ceilings and facades, among other things. The base profile is mounted first. Afterwards, the top profile is clicked on top of the base. In this way, the fixings always remain hidden and the whole is beautifully finished.

Possible applications with Varia-Click

  • Creation of chic slatted walls (with or without lighting)
  • Embellishment of walls and ceilings (indoors and outdoors)
  • Acoustic application in combination with PET felt panels
  • Concealing cables (indoors and outdoors)
  • Applicable at trade fairs and exhibitions (stand construction)
Varia-Click Meerland Varia-Click Fustmarkt Varia-Click Foodcourt

Advantages of Varia-Click wall covering for interior construction

1. Create a contemporary look with the right colour

Let your creativity run wild with Varia-Click and make stylish use of aluminium in the desired look. For example, the aluminium profiles can be almost any colour you want. Think of silver, black or coloured anodised, powder coated in a RAL colour, or sublimated aluminium profiles in the right wood, stone or metal look. The sky is the limit!

More information about possible surface treatments

2. Freedom in dimensions and combinations

Varia-Click offers freedom in dimensions and combinations. You can choose from various dimensions directly from stock. It is also possible to have a customer-specific dimension produced. Moreover, it is possible to combine different widths and to vary the space between the profiles according to your own wishes. This makes every interior project truly unique.

3. Many advantages over wood

Do you want to use sustainable and recyclable material in your design, while at the same time retaining the warm look of traditional wood? Varia-Click profiles in wood effect finish are a perfect, low-maintenance and colourfast alternative to wooden block profiles! For example, Comhan supplies the top profiles directly from stock in the colours (natural) oak and American cherry. We see that these effects are being used in many interior projects.

Go to the brochure with all possible wood effects

Varia-Click Meerland Varia-Click Fustmarkt Varia-Click

4. Profiles are easy to replace

Furthermore, Varia-Click offers the possibility to quickly mount and dismantle the profiles if necessary. The latter is particularly useful if one or more profiles are damaged after a while. In that case, they can be quickly replaced with new aluminium profiles thanks to the simple click system. Time for a new look? Simply order the same top profiles in a different colour and replace everything in no time.

5. Multifunctional application

Varia-Click is multifunctional: you can use it to embellish a wall or ceiling while at the same time concealing cables and wires in the profiles. This is possible because of the hollow space between the base and top profile. In addition, Varia-Click can be used as lighting by installing LED light lines or light accents in the profiles. Finally, the profiles can be combined with PET felt panels for an acoustic application.

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New: Varia-Click Wall Profile 200 mm 

The latest addition to our range is the Varia-Click Wall Profile 200 mm. This wall profile allows you to cover a part of the wall in one go. You can click the Varia-Click profiles onto the back faster and always accurately. This is because you no longer have to measure the distance between the profiles, as you do when mounting the 'loose' base profiles. The distance on the wall profile is, therefore, always the same. The aluminium wall profile can be combined with the top profiles 40x30 mm and 73x30 mm.

Varia-Click Fustmarkt Varia-Click

Do you want to have control over the distance between the profiles and/or click other dimensions onto the wall? In that case it is better to order and mount the single base and top profiles separately. View the Varia-Click range here.

Good news: we will be expanding the Varia-Click series further in the coming months. Enter your details to receive regular updates.  

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