Tension fabric displays can be used for many different purposes. It is hard to imagine stores, shop windows, showrooms, stands, offices and other public buildings that do not make use of the display systems. Since there are many possibilities available for printing on fabric, tension fabric displays provide the perfect means to advertise indoors.

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Printing on fabric

Over the past years, full colour printing on flexible media, such as fabric, canvas, and other wovens and nonwovens, has seen a tremendous upsurge. Due to the advanced developments on the side of fabric manufacturers, it becomes easier to print on fabric with better results. Next to that, the product has also become crease-resistant, fire retardant, and less expensive than before because of the growth of the industry.

Aluminium tension fabric displays

The tension fabric displays supplied by Comhan are made of aluminium. The great advantage of an aluminium tension fabric display is the fact you can easily replace the banner. There is no need to worry about certain tools, since replacement of the banner does not require any tools. Furthermore, the displays can be produced in all kinds of different shapes. Because of the large formability and flexibility, a lot of costs can be saved. If necessary, the banners can easily and inexpensively be sent over the entire world.

In a short amount of time and with preservation of very high quality, full colour images up to 5 meters wide can be applied to, or even in, fabric. Do you want to print an image on an even larger banner? By neatly sewing the fabric together, larger banners can be created. Afterwards, a silicone beading is sewn around the edge of the printed fabric. This process allows the edges to be inserted into the channel grooves of the aluminium frame. In order to provide the optimal tension when placing the banner, it is important that the fabric is at least a little bit elastic.

Tension display systems of Comhan

At Comhan, we were very early in responding to the growing popularity of printing on fabric. With our specialization in aluminium profiles, we started to develop parts that can effortlessly stretch printed fabric. Over the past years, a wide and deep assortment has come into existence. With the knowledge that is acquired over the years and the network that has been built, the product range is continually being expanded.

Comhan provides such an extensive product range, that it covers almost every possible demand that originates in the market. From thin, aluminium wall frames to free-standing, double-sided tension frames, and from XXL illuminated LED-frames to large Cube frames. Comhan even supplies round ceiling frames. Comhan is the right place for any question you might have regarding tension fabric displays!

LED frames

The profiles comprising the various tension fabric display systems are supplied at standard lenghts of 6.1 meters and can, on request, be cut-to-lenght as and supplied as semifinished products that are easy to assemble. Next to that, it is also possible to provide the display with LED lighting or to illuminate the banner by using trough lighting. To supply the best LED frames, Comhan always monitors the latest developments with regards to

LED lighting and printing techniques. Applications of tension fabric displays

Currently, printed and stretched fabric serves purposes in the most diverse spaces. Especially in the world of retail, and in construction of exhibition booths, the use of tension fabric displays as decoration or as a means of communication stands out. The displays can, however, also be used in companies as mural decoration and in various interior design projects.

Fabric with a print can furthermore be used to draw attention to your brand. For many small and large scale corporate identity and/or branding projects, Comhan has already been a valued project partner for aluminium tension fabric displays. As neutral aluminium project partner, Comhan supplies the display systems to sign- and advertising agencies, printing companies or large brand owners with their own advertising department.

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