Aluminium bewerken & behandelen

Aluminum can be processed or finished in many ways. Think for instance of shaping the aluminum or special coatings and paint.


In this blog category you can read about the latest developments, both inside and outside Comhan, in the field of aluminum processing and finishing. This way you will be kept informed of the latest innovations and the application possibilities surrounding aluminum processing.

A surface treatment consists of a coating or a process in which a coating is applied to or in the material.

Would you like the edge(s) of your Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP) sheets neatly folded over so that the core is covered? That’s no problem at Comhan!

Published in: inStore & Livecomm, 2019 (Dutch article) Written by: Jan Mol

There are a variety of methods and ways of achieving aluminium in the desired colour. But is it wise to use wet-paint or will a powder coating offer the preferred outcome?

Anodising is a widely used treatment method for aluminium. The name is derived from 'anodic oxidation', as the process was called in the early days.