Staying 6 feet away from each other has become the new “normal” and we all have to adapt to it in order to ensure our common safety. Knowing this new situation will probably last longer period of time, all sectors will do their utmost to adjust to this new standard.

From offices to sports clubs, from schools and faculties to the catering industry, and from stores to associations and clubs, the message is the same all around:

"Keep the distance"

Comhan wants to help to maintain these regulations and therefore we added a yellow and black marked caution tape to our assortment. This tape is available in Dutch, German and English language.

Tekst op tape

The warning tape (also known as floor marking tape, signal tape or safety tape) can be applied to mark floors and other objects, such as protective screens which you can make with our aluminium systems.

Protective shield with caution tape Example protective shield Disinfection column

Custom signalling tape with your own brand name

On demand we can gladly make you an offer for your own ‘branded’ signalling tape, provided with your own brand name or logo. This option is available at a minimum purchase of 2.400 rolls.

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Specifications of the warning tape

  • Available in three languages (Dutch,  German or English)
  • PVC tape 57 Mu. width 50 mm x length 66 m (roll)
  • Yellow tape with black print
  • Applicable on several surfaces
  • Available: per roll, per box of 36 rolls or per full pallet (66 boxes)

Tips from Comhan

  • Check here to see which aluminium systems are available to create protective screens, screens and disinfection columns. 
  • Clean and maintain the plastics in protective screens and get rid of small scratches, static electricity by using VuPlex®.
  • Temporarily Comhan can supply Crystal clear Acryl - Styrene 2000 x 1000 x 4 mm as well to complete and finish the prevention screens (Crystal clear XT 2000 x 1000 x 4 mm in combination with profiles only).
  • For gluing these Crystal clear panels in the frames you can use our 3M double sided tape which is available from stock as well.

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