Banner tension systems make it possible to communicate a message outdoors. This can be done a number of ways, since the possibilities of full colour printing on flexible media, such as textile, fabric, pvc, and other kinds of banner materials are virtually unlimited.

The development of banner tension systems

To portray a message successfully, the flexible material of the print first needs to be stretched. 30 years ago, Comhan became a pioneer by launching the first banner tension system on the (international) market. These systems, for both indoor as well as outdoor banners, are based on aluminium profiles and developed inhouse by Comhan. Comhan’s outdoor banner tension systems are available from 105mm to about 250mm depth in standard configuration, and even depths of 600mm for extremely large formats. Next to that, Comhan also supplies tension fabric displays for indoor communication.

‘Heavy Duty’ tension systems

The banner tension systems of Comhan are often being called ‘Heavy Duty’ tension systems. This is because the banner can be set very tight so that it can stay in place for years. The outdoor banners can be attached to the facade of a building or can be attached to the roof of a gas station, for instance. The size of the banner, the location, and whether the frame will have to be illuminated or not, all determine whatever banner tension system is most suitable.

The advantages of Comhan banner tension systems

Working with the banner tension systems of Comhan has many advantages. First of all, the systems are less expensive and easier to use than alternatives, such as printed acrylic paneling. That is because it is possible to build much larger and seamless tension systems in a shorter period of time.

Furthermore, Comhan is specialised in handling the challenges of building banner tension systems outdoors. Desirable characteristics such as firmness and stability in relation to wind load, the ease of assembly and maintenance are all requirements that need to be met. Years of experience have made sure that Comhan can supply banner tension systems of high quality for a competitive price.

Different systems for outdoor banners

By now, Comhan supplies 10 different banner tension systems out of stock, for diverging applications. All excellent tension systems with names that are known in the industry, such as EasyFlex®, BillBoardFlex®, DainoFlex®, and WR-Flex® as the most recent addition. The unique quality of all these systems is the fact that they can be supplied at standard, as well as perfectly made to measure semi-finished products including tube connectors. On request, the systems can be anodised or powder coated in the right colour and supplied with or without accessory lighting sources (based on LED technique).

Banner tension systems: “A good idea can travel…”

Because of the knowledge concerning outdoor banner tension systems that Comhan has gathered over the past 30 years, the systems are being used all over the world. This occurs in many small and large scale corporate identity projects.

More and more often, the banner tension systems of Comhan are employed in various ‘textile facade tensioning projects’. That is because the systems are able to tighten banners that are large enough to cover entire facades. This way, ‘misplaced’ architecture can be completely revitalised. Think, for instance, of an office building that is out of date or an uncharming parking garage. In a short period of time, these buildings can be given a modern, eye-catching look and feel. Are you in need of a new look? In that case, only the banner needs to be changed.

Do you want to communicate a message outdoors or give the facade of a building a new look and feel? Request information concerning the banner tension systems of Comhan or contact one of our sign specialists.

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