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Staying 6 feet away from each other has become the new “normal” and we all have to adapt to it in order to ensure our common safety.

Anywhere people are in direct contact with each other, you currently see protective screens in front, back of and in between cash registers, for example, at counters, and in recept

Comhan Holland launches three new aluminium façade products: Aluminium hoisting anchors, anchor plates and adjustable clamps.

Comhan Holland is expanding: we are building a new warehouse! On Monday April 15th, the first pile was driven for the new high-bay warehouse.

Published in: inStore & Livecomm, 2019 (Dutch article) Written by: Jan Mol

Are you familiar with our self-adhesive noise reduction strip on a roll?

With almost 70 years 'on the clock', Comhan Holland from Uithoorn is one of the oldest suppliers of alu

Aluminium profiles are manufactured with the greatest care. The required tolerance is determined for the profile depending on the envisaged end goal.

Are you familiar with the Comhan SpeeTex 25 and 50 systems? Two sturdy aluminium profiles for making textile frames.